REACH IT offers the following:


Network Virtualization

  • Cloud-based servers accessible from anywhere with an internet connection

    • Servers accessible from anywhere with access to the internet

  • No physical Office space needed

  • Ability to grow your company with no extra hardware cost

  • Zero downtime from server hardware failure



Hosted File and User Authentication Servers including configuration

  • Setup and Configuration of new cloud servers

  • File servers with as much storage space as required with the availability to add more as you grow!

    • Your storage space grows as you grow

  • Cloud-based backups Available

    • Daily backups


Hosted Remote Desktop Servers including configuration

  • Users can securely login to their “work” computer profile from any PC – bringing the office to them!

    • Safe login to work files from any computer



Server Maintenance

  • We will maintain the server with patches and updates to keep your business running smoothly and error-free

    • Regular service to ensure everything runs smoothly



Custom End User Support Packages

  • Need Tech support? We offer  “per user” support with a direct phone number to our support team at much less of a cost than paying hourly

    • Need Help? Call and get the answers you need, without worrying about the clock.



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