Our specialized courses are held on Tuesday & Thursdays,  5:30-9:30 pm,  3 weeks (a total of 24 hours)

OR if your company would prefer training in your-house - we can accommodate on an hourly basis!


We offer Certification for both User and Professional levels in most Autodesk products.

We can schedule a proctored exam between 8am – 5pm.

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We offer smaller classes, more one on one in-class training - NOT online. 

Specializing in Revit, AutoCAD, 3ds Max and Navisworks. 

REVIT Architecture Outline

Looking for training tailored to your needs as an architectural designer and modeller? Focusing on developing your existing skills you will learn techniques industry professionals use to make their design process more efficient and effective. Speed up your workflow and take your modelling and communication skills to the next level, by learning;

  • Advanced modelling

  • Families

  • Massing

  • Phasing

  • Colour schemes/legends

  • Advanced scheduling

Take your design communication to the next level!

REVIT Structural Outline

Structural specific Revit training.  Take your structural modelling and annotation to the next level with industry approved best practices. Learn to collaborate effectively with other discipline’s models internally and externally to streamline your workflow by learning;

  • Linking Models and Collaborating

  • Manipulating Families

  • Phasing

  • Advanced Annotations

  • Structural scheduling

  • Advanced modelling


Build your 3D model to include the information for each component with facility management in mind. 

REVIT Mechanical Outline

Mechanical and Plumbing

Leverage Revit for high-level modelling and design of mechanical and plumbing systems, with this industry-specific training. Remove any perceived barriers and get your ideas into the virtual space faster and more effectively, while always keeping the end in mind. Understand the challenges and processes involved in;

  • Collaborating with an existing model

  • Placing components (water heaters, make-up air units, etc.)

  • Modelling ducting and piping

  • Creating Mechanical Schedules

  • Using analysis tools to asses your design

Stay ahead of the industry and learn how to affect the final Asset and Facility management delivery of your project.

REVIT Electrical Outline

Revit has a multitude of electrical design and modelling tools. Building on basic modelling skills, you will learn to complete an electrical model based on an architectural design. Additionally, you will focus on keeping the end in mind, adding value by including Facility and Asset management information. Learn about;

  • Collaborating with an existing model

  • Placing components and lighting

  • Creating electrical circuits and switch systems

  • Modelling conduit and electrical raceway

  • Creating panel schedules

  • Analyzing lighting and electrical needs

Stay ahead of the industry and learn how to affect the final Asset and Facility management delivery of your project.





3DS Max Outline

Design-based digital modelling. Take your 3D models to a higher level. Learn to model objects of various complexities, visualize them to any level of detail, and be able to render them photo-realistically. You will learn:

  • Modelling Objects & Forms

  • Materials & Textures

  • Lighting & Shadows

  • Rendering in Different Styles




Communicate your design with 2D drafting techniques in AutoCAD. Go beyond the basics, become more accurate, increase efficiency. Create accurate layouts with clear annotation in less time:

  • Draw with Accuracy

  • Modify Objects

  • Reuse Existing Content

  • Annotate Drawings

  • Layouts and Printing

Course Registration Fees:

All registrations are per person plus G.S.T.

1-4 people - $695.00

5-9 people - $649.00

10 + people - $595.00


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Course Dates:


REVIT Architecture or AutoCAD

in both Edmonton and Red Deer

Evening class Tues & Thurs from 5:30-9:30 pm
August 7th - 24th. 2018

September 11-27th, 2018

Corporate Head Office

11642-149 Street NW

Edmonton, AB, T5M 3R3




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