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BIM Project ManagementWe can catch a fish for you and it will feed you for a day – But if we teach you how to fish, you can feed yourselves for a lifetime.
We offer to facilitate the whole process on your initial test project, BUT we would expect you to be running on your own two feet by the second! We are not in the business to continually teach the same processes over and over! That would be a complete waste of your money and our time.
We have found that our best success stories are based on the phrase at the beginning, our clients come to realize quickly, that they are being taught directly and indirectly every step of the way, we are constantly checking your skill levels and offering guidance to be back on track in making you the BIM leaders in your field.

Project Team Partnering / FacilitatingYou are only as strong as your weakest link! So we ensure you are all iron strong, by partnering your team at the very beginning of the project, we introduce all of our services in to the project environment as soon as possible and provide a forum for everyone to speak, everyone gets heard and everyone contributes. Buy in is essential for the success of any project from both your internal team as well as your external team players.

BIM Execution PlanningStart with the end in mind. With every new process comes a new set of rules, once your team partnering sessions have begun, you will soon discover the voices in your team and all discussions will need to be tracked, new rules/guidelines occur and there is no better place for these than an Execution Plan. We look at the deliverables first and work backwards, this helps manage the following:

  • Level of BIM integration
  • Model expectations and outcomes
  • Defining collaboration methods
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Technology needs

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